Monday, August 16, 2010

Who IS StinkerPants Diapers?

Greetings! I thought I might take a minute to introduce myself. I am a mommy to two amazing girls, a full-time student midwife, a labor and delivery nurse, AND a full-time wife! Whew! Busy doesn't even cover it... grin.

I discovered SoftBums diapers over a year ago, at a baby and birth expo locally. I FELL IN LOVE with this amazing diaper and spent a whole year sharing the love with anyone who'd listen to me. Finally Sarah (SoftBums' owner) convinced me to SELL them too! I was hesitant to start yet another time consumer, but she "sold me!" grin.

The advantages to cloth diapering are almost unending. First they're cute as heck! They are far more Earth friendly than paper/plastic disposables... don't get me started on the junk in those...
They are SOOOOO soft! I've admittedly been caught rubbing my face against the soft bamboo velour... sooo yummy! They're extremely easy to care for. They smell BETTER in their wetbag than disposables EVER did in my diapergeniepailthingy... I PROMISE your house will not stink! ... I could go on... but seriously... just try em! I'm so confident you'll love them that I will BUY BACK any unwashed dipes if you don't! Yep! I mean it!

Feel free to send me pics of your sweetie baby in SoftBums... their little tooshies are too cute not to share!

Baby Blessings,